Freestanding Wardrobe vs Fitted Wardrobe: Which is Best? (Reviewed)

If you are taking the time to create your dream bedroom, then it’s likely that you’ve started to consider the type of wardrobe you prefer.    And while there are lots of wardrobe options available to provide the optimum bedroom storage, you are likely to be weighing up the pros and cons of a fitted wardrobe vs freestanding wardrobe.

So when it comes to creating that sanctuary for you to retreat to at the end of a busy day, which is best?  The good news is that we’ve pulled the pros and cons of each type of wardrobe into this handy guide to help you choose the right option for you.

Fitted Wardrobe vs Freestanding Wardrobe: Which is Best?
Advantages of a Freestanding Wardrobe

#1  The mobility of a stand-alone wardrobe
The portability of the wardrobe means that you could move it to a different bedroom if you decide to re-furnish your room or change around your overall home layout.  And of course, it can come with you if you decide to move home too.

#2  The availability of matching furniture
When you buy a stand-alone wardrobe, it’s likely that you’ll be able to buy other bedroom furniture items from the same range.  This tends to include chest of drawers, vanity unit and bedside tables.  If you love a clean, simple and easy to style bedroom, then this will save you time shopping for different elements.

#3  It can be resold/replaced easily
If you love restyling your home or know that moving home may be a possibility in the near future, the ability to sell and repurchase a new wardrobe may be an advantage.

Whatever the reason, with a freestanding/stand alone wardrobe you could sell the furniture on, generating some income for your next item.

#4  Same Day Purchase/Delivery
Depending on where you purchase your stand alone wardrobe from, it is entirely possible that you could take it home that day.

This is particularly true for flat pack wardrobes available from shops such as IKEA and B&Q, who will carry stock of standard ranges.  While you may spend a few hours hunched over those instructions, it can helpful for urgent purchases.

Ready assembled wardrobes are also likely to have a shorter lead time than a fitted wardrobe.

Disadvantages of Freestanding Wardrobe.

#1 Limited sizes
Freestanding wardrobes tend to come in three different sizes: single, double and three door variations.

With standard depth and heights, this can limit your options when it comes to position in your bedroom and achieving the right overall look.  It may also mean you need to compromise on other furniture choices to fit around your wardrobe.

#2  Wasted space
Most freestanding wardrobes utilise just three quarters of the height of a standard room. This leaves a significant amount of unusable space above it height of your room which can feel frustrating as many of us struggle with overall storage in our homes.

In addition, it is likely that you’ll have some under utilised space around your wardrobes, which is just left to gather dust or becoming a dumping ground for the rest of the family ;0).

#3 They can make a room feel cluttered
Whether it’s because we piled junk above the wardrobe in order to just ‘put it somewhere’ or that their size can sometimes feel imposing in today’s smaller homes, a freestanding wardrobe will tend to present a less streamlined visual appearance.

#4  Harder to organise
A freestanding wardrobe will typically come with either just hanging space or a combination of hanging space and drawers/shelving.  These are standard layouts and not designed around your storage requirements.

Despite loving the overall look of your wardrobe, you can quickly become frustrated as shoes piles up at the bottom and jumpers just thrown in results in a jumble sale appearance.

bedroom storage benefits of fitted wardrobes

Advantages of a Fitted Wardrobe

#1  Maximises space
A fitted wardrobe allows you to maximise the space available as the frame is custom built to your requirements.  In particular, taking the frame from floor to ceiling allows you to benefit from the maximum storage opportunities.

#2  Internal storage to suit you
When it comes to storage, this is where the fitted wardrobe excels as you can design this to suit your lifestyle and clothing preferences too.

Perhaps you work in an office all week, where a tailored suit is required, and at the weekend you have a more casual attire. Having a fitted wardrobe allows you to organise this more visually so that you’re not wasting time searching every morning.

#3  Easy to incorporate into your style
Due to the extensive selection of colours and finishings available, it is really easy to match in with your decor and other furniture.  You could choose to keep some of your favourite pieces or you could mix and match with another furniture range.

Either way, with the wide selection that is available you are guaranteed to find a colour to match your room.

#4  It will make your room seem bigger
Fitted wardrobes are full length drawing your eyes to the ceiling rather than just three-quarters of the way up the wall with a freestanding wardrobe.  In addition, if you choose to add mirrors this will reflect the natural light available and add depth to your room.

#5  You can hide awkward spaces
In every home, there are awkward spaces that can be hard to furnish. When you opt for a fitted wardrobe, you can design your wardrobe space around it, making the most of those sloped ceilings and fireplace flumes for items like handbag or shoe storage.

#6 Maximises natural light
How often do you try and put make-up on and get frustrated by the light level?

Using mirrored door fronts, a fitted wardrobe will maximise the natural light available and make your room so much brighter. Plus you don’t need to find additional wall space for a floor-length mirror!

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Disadvantages of Fitted Wardrobe

#1  Immoveable
Due to the custom fit, a fitted wardrobe is generally viewed to be permanent and cannot be taken with you if you move home.

#2 Higher Cost

While it depends on what designs you are comparing, fitted wardrobes tend to be more expensive than freestanding wardrobes.

However, they are also viewed as a long-term investment and can add value to your home should you decide to move.

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#3  Difficult to rearrange the space
A quick restyle can normally be achieved by moving furniture around and changing accessories. However as a fitted wardrobe is secured in position permanently, this will mean less flexibility in your room layout post install.

#4  Longer delivery time
While a fitted wardrobe will give you a custom build suited to your lifestyle and requirements, you won’t be able to buy a fitted wardrobe off the shelf for immediate delivery.

The lead time is down to a measurement appointment, time to design, ordering of materials and then the build time on-site.

In Summary

While freestanding wardrobes are versatile and will give your bedroom a relaxed feel,  fitted wardrobes are more streamlined and make better use of awkward spaces. But when it comes to choosing which is best for you, then we’d suggest that you consider how you use your bedroom and the overall style that you are trying to achieve.

If in doubt,  seek the advice of professional furniture designers to see how you can transform your bedroom and create that sanctuary you’ve been dreaming of.

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