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Impress your friends with stylish seating and enjoy comfy nights in front of the TV

Whether it is a kitchen you have inherited through a move and the layout is all wrong, or that it is starting to look tired from years of use. The frustration of it can become overwhelming as we spend so much time in this room.

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Sofas – Where Comfort and Style Meet

The living room, often the central hub of a home, serves as a space for social gatherings, relaxation, and various activities. Comfortable seating encourages relaxation and extended stays, while versatile options like sofas and accent chairs allow for flexible seating arrangements.

Your choice of seating has the power to express personal style and transform a room's aesthetics and functionality. Quality and well-designed seating is an investment that makes a living room a comfortable, welcoming and stylish space for all.

At Millers Interiors we have a good selection of sofas and chairs in both our Montrose and Carnoustie showrooms, come down and experience the comfort for yourself!

Comfort and Style Awaits

Many of our sofa and chair ranges can be customised to suit your room's decor and style, including choice of fabrics, colours, sizes, along with arm length and style preferences.
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We have them all at Millers Interiors!

My husband and I recently moved to the area from Essex and we bought two recliner chairs from them and they’re lovely and comfy such great service and a very warm welcome from all the staff…when settling into a new place, it can be difficult, but they’re very helpful and made us feel right at home!
Kirsten Tidey
Helpful friendly staff, in a shop full of quality furniture and other treasures. Kindly reserved a chair for me and we ended up buying a new sofa. They even measured both together so that we would know if they would fit. We will be back to visit the shop again! Thanks for all of your help!
Angela McIver

How to Choose the Right Sofa or Chair from Millers Interiors

Measure Your Space
Determine the available space in your room to ensure the sofa or chair fits comfortably.
Consider Your Style
Choose a design that matches your interior decor and personal style, whether it's modern, classic, or eclectic.
size matters
How many people are you looking to seat? Are you looking for a 2, 3 or 4 seater? Don’t forget to ensure the sofa or chair dimensions align with your room and doorways for easy delivery.
Assess Comfort
Test the seating for comfort; sit on it to gauge its cosiness and support. Decide on filling - foam, fibre or feather
Check Materials
Evaluate the upholstery fabric or leather for ease of cleaning, and aesthetic appeal.
Consider Customisation
Explore choices like fabric, colour, leg and arm finish.
Budget Wisely
Set a budget and stick to it, considering not just the initial cost but also long-term value.
Trust Your Instincts
Ultimately, choose a sofa or chair that feels right for you and your lifestyle.
The best way to buy a sofa or chair is to sit in it!
So what are you waiting for? View our full range in Montrose & Carnoustie today!
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