What is a Divan Bed?

A quick explanation on why they are so fabulous! 

All mattresses have a lifespan, the length of which can be affected by the quality of the mattress, how you look after it and the amount you use it. Beds don’t last forever, and research shows that if you are sleeping on an uncomfortable bed you could be robbed of as much as an hours sleep per night. If you have made the decision to improve your chances of a good night’s sleep and are looking for a new bed or mattress then this is a good place to start. 

There are literally thousands of beds to choose from, ranging in comfort, style and price. So why not start at the very beginning – do you want a bed frame or a Divan base? How do you know what is best?

Bed frames are great, and they are a pretty straightforward choice – you buy the frame and then choose the mattress you find comfortable. So why would you choose a divan base? 

Firstly, what is a Divan Bed?

Matching headboard featured on our Dual Season Divan

A divan bed in simple terms is a specially designed base, normally made from a wooden frame covered in material, and it usually comes complete with a matching headboard. A divan bed is different from a standard mattress and frame, and they are almost always on castors/glides which makes them much easier to manoeuvre.

Divans tend to take up less room than standard bed frames because they typically have the same width and length dimensions as the mattress. This is particularly beneficial if you are positioning the bed between fitted wardrobes or are tight for space.

Will a divan bed save space? 

If you’re looking to save a little space in your bedroom, then a divan bed is a great option! The Divan offers the benefit of extra storage below the mattress – it could come complete with integrated drawers or perhaps an ottoman base – these can be used as hidden space savers. You could use the divan base to store your clothes, shoes, bed linen and other essential items.

As mentioned previously the actual bed will also take up slightly less space than having a bed frame which requires the same size mattress. The reason for this is because on a divan base the mattress sits on top of the base as opposed to inside a bed frame – take our word for it, these few inches can make a big difference if you have an awkward shaped room.

Storage featured in our Orthopaedic Ottoman Divan
Is a divan bed more cost-effective than a bed frame? 

Often a divan bed can be a more economical solution; not only are there usually great packages for divan beds (Base, Mattress & headboard) they usually have special deals available for the storage solutions underneath.  In addition to the package offers you’ll be saving on having to buy seperate storage solutions ! 

Is there a choice of mattresses available with a divan bed?

Usually, there are a variety of mattress options available to help you find one that suits your sleeping style and requirements. If you would like to browse our range of divan mattress options, they are available to view in store or online

Are divan beds easy to move?

A bed isn’t something that you have to move around much, however should you want to move it to a different bedroom or move home they often break into two seperate sections. The bases (when empty of storage items) are also usually fairly light which makes maneuvering really easy. 

In summary

When it comes to finding your perfect sleeping partner, a divan bed is definitely an option worth considering, particularly if you are short on space or need some extra storage. If you are worried about getting the divan base into your house, remember that most divans have split bases and the bedsteads that are delivered in pieces to assemble in situ. Always talk to your supplier if you are concerned about potential access or delivery problems before you buy.

You can visit one of our Millers branches to test the comfort of our mattresses if you wish and while you’re there why not talk to our sleep experts. If you want to browse online first, you can find out about the latest deals on beds here.

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