Guests coming at Christmas? 5 Guest bed ideas to sleep visitors this Christmas

When you have guests coming at Christmas, there is normally one thing on our mind – Space! Whether it’s how to fit 12 people around a dining table or if you have enough comfy chairs for that post christmas lunch movie time, having enough furniture and space can always feel like a challenge during the festive period.

But how do you cope with space constraints if your having guests to stay over this Christmas? It might be a little late to start planning that extension for more guests rooms but don’t worry, we’ve got 5 guest bed ideas to sleep visitors this Christmas to help.

5 Guest bed ideas to sleep visitors this Christmas

#1 Invest in a sofa bed for your living room or office

Sofa-bedIf you don’t have a spare room, then finding a way to use an existing space in multiple ways is key.

Could you swap out an existing sofa for a sofa bed in your living room? Or if you’ve turned a spare bedroom into an office, could you add a sofa bed to provide your guest with somewhere to stay but also a chill out space for you away from the laptop?

You don’t always have to replace an existing sofa, so have a good look at your existing space and work out if you could squeeze in a two seater sofa bed in addition to your existing furniture. This could help refresh a room as well as providing much needed extra seating and sleeping space during the festivities.

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#2 Get creative with kids sleeping arrangements

Whether you’re considering asking your kids to decamp from their room to free it up for guests or need more sleeping room for children who are staying over, now is the time to make it a little more fun!

Tee-Pees: think of a big kids sleepover with a little bit of something extra! While these have been a big hit over the past few years for kids sleepover parties, they could be the perfect option to either host more kids over christmas or help your own kids feel a bit special if you are freeing up their room for guests. Get creative by adding a theme theme and don’t forget to add some special little touches like fairy lights. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for this guest bed idea.


Bed in a Bag: super convenient and available in a wide range of fabrics, just roll them out and add bedding! While you’ll be able to find a few of these online why not have a go at making your own. This great blog from It’s Autumn talks you through how to make a pillow bed for kids step-by-step.

#3 Hideaway / trundle bed

This is a great way to turn a smaller kids bed into a larger bed suitable for guests or to add additional sleeping space for kids sleeping over.
Typically the same size of bed rolls out on wheels from underneath and you can then use bedding to join them together or use as a separate bed. If you are looking to make them into a larger bed, make sure the trundle has legs to raise it up to the same height as the existing bed.


#4 Blow-up bed

While most of us have an image of waking up achy and sore on a blow up bed that has slowly deflated overnight, these have substantially increased in quality and options over the past few years. Some even come with a valance and in built mattress protectors!

Flexible enough to pop up anywhere in your home, you can buy in a wide range of sizes from single to double along with various heights too.


Don’t forget to check whether it is self-inflating or if you’ll need a pump and the time it will take to inflate if using a pump. Particularly if you plan to put up and take down every night you have guests.

#5 Camping / folding bed

If you’re unsure of the comfort of a blow up bed and prefer your guests to be off the floor, then a folding bed/camping bed, may be a better option.
These also now come in a wide range of options from a simple camping bed style to more modern single chair designs in modern fabrics.


In Summary

Whether it comes down a choice based upon budget, style, comfort or all three, whichever option you go for, don’t forget that all important bedding. Some carefully chosen pillows, duvets, bedding and throws can really help all of these guest bed options feel homely to your guests.
Taking a bit of extra time to provide towels, a space to store belongings, plug in phones to charge and a lamp that can be used as a bedside lamp, will ensure they feel that they are welcomed into your home too.

Over to you?

Do you have guests coming to stay this Christmas or maybe your kids have regular sleep overs with their friends?

How have you made the most of your space to accommodate more guests?
Jump into the comments if you’d like any advice on choosing the right option for you or let us know which option you have chosen too!

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