What Happens When You Buy A Fitted Wardrobe from Millers?  A 10 Step Guide

Whether you’ve spent hours or days googling fitted wardrobe costs and designs, once you’ve made a decision to buy one, you might be wondering what next?

At Millers, we recognise that when you’re making a significant investment in your home, communication is key.  So to help you feel less overwhelmed about the full process, we’ve published our 10 Step Guide when buying one of our fitted wardrobes.  And it will answer some of those ‘burning’ questions up front too!

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Fitted Wardrobe from Millers

#1 Research Built-In Wardrobe Ideas and Find Inspiration

The majority of our customers who are looking for storage solutions tend to pop into one of our showrooms or give us a call.   At this stage, we’ll give you a quick overview of what we can offer but our priority is to find out what you need to suit your home and your lifestyle.

We can help you work this out by asking some questions but we’d also suggest that you do some research before our next step in the process.

Pinterest and interior design magazines are a great place to start, as well as asking friends and family.

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#2 Pop In-Store to Browse Our Selection of Storage Solutions, Door Fronts and Finishings

Once you’ve got some inspiration, it’s likely that you’ll want to see some of these ideas in the flesh. Storage solution options, door fronts and finishings can all be viewed in our showrooms.

Both our Montrose and Carnoustie showrooms hold a large display for built-in wardrobes, allowing you to get a feel of size, colours, quality of product and most importantly what you like and don’t like. 

#3 Book a Measurement Appointment

A fitted wardrobe is tailor built to room dimensions.  So in order to provide an accurate quote, we will need to pop out to your home to measure up.

If you’d prefer, you can always skip step #2 above and arrange an appointment straight away by calling us on 01241 854044 (Carnoustie) or 01674 673 905 (Montrose).

You could also arrange a measurement appointment while you are in visiting one of our showrooms in Carnoustie and Montrose.

The measurement appointment is a great opportunity to share the ideas from your research above, explaining to us what you like and also what you plan to store in the wardrobe.

Our measurement appointments are typically between 8.30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, however, it may be possible to accommodate evenings and weekends to suit your own availability.

Don’t forget to get your questions ready for our designer beforehand so you can check them off in your discussions!

Not moved in yet? Don’t worry drop in your architects’ plans and we can create a design based on these, confirming measurements when we can get access.

We’ll Send You a Design Layout Proposal & Cost Estimate

Following your design appointment, we will provide you with a wardrobe layout that is tailored to your room and storage requirements.  We will send you this design with accompanying quotation by email within two days following your measurement appointment.

It’s normal at this stage for amendments to be made to ensure you are 100% happy with the design outline.   We can either do this by phone/email or if you’d prefer, you can pop back into the showroom to discuss.

Ballpark costs will then be provided, though these will naturally vary depending on the finishings you then select.

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#4  Agree Layout and Select Finishing Options

When making a decision like a fitted wardrobe you want to make sure you are making the right style choices as it is going to be around for a long time. With that in mind, some of our clients choose to pop back in store to confirm their preferences so that they can feel 100% confident in their choices.

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#5  Full Quote and Final Design

Now that we have measurements, final layout and finishes we can move onto producing a full quote and final design.

We’ll email you the final quote which will outline all costs and include materials, delivery, and installation.

Note that the quote is typically valid for 3 months.

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#6 Complete Our Service Agreement & Pay Deposit

When you are ready to go ahead with your fitted wardrobe, a service agreement will be sent across to sign and a 25% deposit will confirm your order.  We’ll then be able to order the materials.

Typically, 3 to 4 days later our suppliers will confirm a delivery date and we’ll be able to call/email to pre-book an installation date.  

#7 Construct Frame In Your Home

Our install team will arrive on your pre-booked date (Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5 pm) and we’ll need you to let us have access into your home.

We ask that the working area is clear of furniture, however, if you’ve made us aware of any furniture, beds etc that require moving at the measurement stage, then we’ll be able to take care of this too.

Depending on the complexity of your fitted wardrobe design, the construction of the frame along with the internals should be finished within 1-3 days.

50% of costs are then due on completion. 

#8 Doors Measurements are Taken & an Order is Placed

While we will have taken measurements at our initial visit, the doors cannot be ordered until this time as they are custom built to the frame, so that they can take into consideration wall/ floor leveling.

We find time after time, that many homes have rooms shorter in height at one end than the other. And, it’s important that we get these exactly right to fit the custom build frame which is now in situ.

You’re welcome to use your wardrobe though, as the frame and internals will be finished and ready to use.  Perhaps time for that declutter before admiring your clothes all neatly stored away?


#9 Doors Delivered/Installed & Final Payment

Doors normally arrive 2 weeks after the internal frames being fitted weeks but may be longer depending on the complexity and size of the door set up.  However,  as soon as they arrive with us, we will prioritise your install.

This tends to be the quickest part of the installation and takes around 2 to 3 hours. Don’t’ worry about not being able to find a suitable time for us to visit, we offer installs Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5 pm.

Once the final work is complete, the final balance will be due (25%). 

#10 Aftercare & Feedback

We want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your wardrobe and the installation process.

We also want to make our service is at it’s very best, so we’ll get in touch a few days after completion to check there are no snagging issue or concerns.

But otherwise, you can sit back and enjoy those stress-free mornings being able to see and choose your clothes!


In Summary: Your Fitted Wardrobe Solution from Millers

The process may feel daunting, however with 20+ years joinery experience and a strong focus on customer services we will check in with you at every stage to check that you both understand and are happy with the progress.

The full process could take as little as 6 weeks though we find the design stage can vary by customer depending on the number of design variations and time required to ensure you get the right solution for you.  While we can pre-book installation around any other work you are having carried out at home, typically once the service agreement is signed and deposit paid, you could have a fitted wardrobe complete in 5 weeks.

Do You Have More Questions About Buying a Fitted Wardrobe?

Our handy ebook covering everything you need to know about buying a fitted wardrobe from Millers can be accessed here. Dive in and if you are ready to chat with the team, then do get in touch.

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