What is the Best Carpet to Install in Your Bedroom?

For most of us, our bedroom is our sanctuary. Yet, despite the fact that most of us spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, the foot traffic is actually relatively low.

This means that unlike the rest of the home where carpet choice is often driven by durability and practicality, carpets in the bedroom can be a little more adventurous.

But as always if you wish to install a carpet in your bedroom, then there are some things to consider.

In this blog we explore the different options for carpets, and which one would be best for installing in your bedroom.

The benefits of installing a carpet in your bedroom…

Unlike busy parts of the home (such as the hallway), there is a little more flexibility when it comes to installing carpet in your bedroom. Because of this we usually find that most of our customers will choose something a little more luxurious for their bedroom than they will in other areas of the home.

There are many benefits to installing a carpet in your bedroom, that make it a really great flooring option. These include:

1. Comfort: Your bedroom floor is the first thing your feet touch in the morning, and the last thing that they touch at night. So, you want to ensure that it’s comfortable and luxurious. A carpet definitely helps to hit this mark.

2. Warmth: The last thing you want is for your feet to hit a cold floor in the morning (especially during the cold Winter months). A carpet not only helps keep the floor warm, but it also helps to insulate the room and potentially reduces your energy bills.

3. Insulates sound: One of the main benefits of installing a carpet in your bedroom is that it insulates sound. The thicker and more dense the carpet, the higher the insulating properties. This is especially great if your bedroom is upstairs, as it insulates the sound of footsteps for those downstairs.

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How to choose the best carpet for your bedroom?

The beauty of installing a carpet in your bedroom is that you can make the choice based on your preference. But as always it’s important to consider your options before installing your carpet. Some things to consider include:

  1. Man-made vs woollen carpet
  2. Pile length of the carpet

By thinking about these things in advance, you will end up with a flooring solution that you love.

1. Man-made vs wool carpets; which is best for a bedroom?

Carpets using man-made materials are well known for being durable and stain resistant. In fact, they are very difficult to stain with water-based materials as they don’t absorb water. This makes them an ideal choice for busy households with kids, pets or messy husbands.

They can also be easily cleaned with a mixture of warm water and bleach, without having to worry about fading or damaging the colour of your carpet.

In our opinion man-made carpets will be the most comfortable and luxurious due to the various dense, thick pile carpets that are available. Some of the materials are regarded as ‘Super Soft’ and are super comfortable underfoot, the downside is that they may flatten quicker due to the pile height and don’t have the same bounce back quality as a wool carpet.

In comparison, wool carpets are well known for their durability and keeping their  appearance, this helps especially with the traffic lane around the bed. Although wool is not quite as soft as a lot of man made carpets they can still feel luxurious underfoot especially if you choose a heavier weight of pile.

Yes, wool carpets are more difficult to clean, and may stain if liquids are left to soak in, but if you catch the stain quick enough most can be removed with the correct cleaning.

You can also have wool carpets stain guarded, which will help should something be spilt or tracked into the carpet giving you that piece of mind that the stain should blot out more easily maintaining the life of the carpet, and will keep it looking new for longer.

If you are still struggling to make a decision over wool or man-made carpets, an ideal solution would be to go for a mix of 80% wool, 20% man-made fibre. This would allow you to enjoy the luxurious feel of wool underfoot, but with some of the stain resistant properties of man-made.

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Carpet fitting how much
2. High vs low pile; which is best for a bedroom?

If you look closely, then you’ll see that a carpet is a collection of fibres, natural or synthetic. The fibres are looped together, to form the carpet.

The word ‘pile’ is simply a way of describing the fabric loops that make up the carpet, and the height and tightness of these fibres.

A carpet with a high pile, means that the fibres making up the carpet fabric are taller and looser. For example, a shag carpet would be a good example of this type of pile.

In comparison, a low pile carpet has shorter carpet fibres and tighter loops.

Low pile carpets are often better for high traffic areas. But again, as bedrooms have relatively low traffic this might not be necessary.

High pile carpets are more luxurious than low pile carpets. Yes, they flatten easier, and this may affect the appearance of the carpet in the long term. But with the limited traffic the bedroom is the perfect place to install a dense, high pile carpet.

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What if you don’t fancy installing carpet in your bedroom?

If you still aren’t sure about installing a carpet in your home, then there are other flooring options that might be a better solution for you. These include:

If you are looking for more information on what flooring option is best for your home, then have a look at our blog here:Carpet vs flooring; which is best for your home?

Or get in touch and we can help you decide on what’s best for you.

Ready to find out a flooring solution that suits you?

At Millers we have a way to make sure you find the right flooring that is convenient to you.

We have a van full of our carpet and flooring sample solutions that we can drive to you.

You can get to see and feel the carpet and flooring options that we offer so you can get a real idea of what you are installing in-person, without having to leave your home.

If this is something you are interested in then get in touch with us and we can arrange a visit to you.

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Summary: which carpet is the best for your bedroom?

The bedroom is an amazing place to install a carpet. Unlike the other parts of your home your decision can be guided by tastes, rather than practicality and durability.

We find that most people install something a little plusher and more luxurious in the bedroom than elsewhere in their home. This often allows them to go for a thicker high pile, man made carpet.

Although ultimately installing carpet in your bedroom just allows for a little more flexibility. You can choose what you like.

As with all other rooms, planning ahead will ensure that you get a flooring solution that you love.

We’ve have lots of different carpet and flooring options for you and your home. Come visit us (or let us come to you) and you can decide what best suits your space.

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