How Much Does a Fitted Wardrobe Cost?

Our need for organisation and simplicity seems to have grown stronger as our lives have become more ‘busy’. And whether inspired by a new year, that ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ Netflix series or just sheer fed up of wearing the same clothes over and over again, opting for a fitted wardrobe can help extend the sense of calmness and control into your bedroom.

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But as with any buying decision, one of the first questions you’ll have is “How much does a fitted wardrobe cost?”. Not surprisingly, it’s one of the first questions that we are asked by our customers too.

How Much Does a Fitted Wardrobe Cost?

While there is no ‘one-size fits’ all when it comes to fitted wardrobe costs there are a number of factors that will impact on the combined labour and cost quotes that you will receive.

Having designed, built and installed fitted wardrobes for 6 years, and with combined joiners experiences of 20 years, we understand that varying just one of these factors can have a significant impact on the total cost of a fitted wardrobe.

Ultimately, as each unit is custom built to your room and storage needs, it will always have a bespoke price along with it and thus vary greatly dependent on these individual factors:

#1 Your Choice of Internal Storage Solutions

There are two key considerations when it comes to internal storage and both will impact the overall cost of your fitted wardrobe.

Firstly, while you can choose to buy interior storage solutions off the shelf, many suppliers are now able to fully customise your internal storage to your requirements. It really will feel like the storage options with fitted wardrobes are now unlimited!

From pull-down hanging spaces to shoe storage, trouser racks, shelving and even vanity racks, you can make your space work for you. These would normally be cut and fitted by an in-house joiner.

The more complex and the more individual elements you add in, then the greater the price. As you’d expect, a flat pack storage option versus a full custom build will vary substantially in price.

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The second key factor to the cost of internal storage solutions is what the internal storage is made of, i.e. materials.

While we choose to use 18mm laminated timber, available in over 70 colours to match door and room decor, the quality and potential longevity of internal storage can vary greatly and thus impact on the total cost.

Typically MDF and pine are usually the cheapest options with hardwoods being the most expensive.


#2 The Style and Colour of Door Fronts

Contemporary or traditional, plain colours or mirrored? As with interior options, the style and colours available to choose from can feel endless and will vary in price.

Along with your budget, it’s worth considering whether you are looking to match existing furniture or whether you are looking to achieve a certain style overall in your room when choosing your doors.

Fitted Wardrobe Buying Tip – This is where a bespoke design service can aid with that feeling of being overwhelmed when trying to choose. They can help translate your requirements and help you visualise the end product (see below).


#3 The Size of the Overall Unit

Do you need 2, 3 or even 4 doors? Does your space lend itself to floor to ceiling doors or a standard door size? Some people choose to make one whole wall into a fitted wardrobe to maximise their storage whereas they can also be fitted into small spaces, even under eaves.

As door costs can vary substantially the total number and width/height will determine the base price of your fitted wardrobe.

#4 Complexities That Need to be Built Around Such as Coombed Ceilings or Uneven Walls

One of the benefits of choosing fitted wardrobes is that you can truly maximise the use of space, even when your room is an awkward shape. You can literally squeeze every last inch out with a bespoke fitting.

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However, if you have an awkward shape, coving or skirting boards, then the level of bespoke fittings may increase. Fittings may need to be altered to the dimensions of any fixed details to ensure that you achieve a flush, tailor-made finish, thus increasing the price and time required to install.

“The whole project was managed so smoothly, we didn’t have to worry about a thing.” Read Kathleen’s Transformation Story HERE.

#5 Bespoke Design Service Charge

If you’ve started to google fitted wardrobe costs, you may wonder why online prices can vary differently to those from an independent local provider.

While any one of the factors outlined in our blog here may be contributing to the difference, the immediate difference could be due to the lack of a bespoke design service and measurement appointment.

At Millers, we provide a free estimate and design service which is undertaken by either our in-house joiner Paul or Gary Miller himself. They take great pride in providing high-quality workmanship and this all starts at the measurement & design stage. We believe that if you are investing in a fitted wardrobe, it’s important that we get this right from Day 1 and that we don’t run into issues at the fitting stage. It’s also the ideal opportunity for you to take advantage of our experience of fitted wardrobe design.

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Like us, some companies offer a free planning service whereas others will charge for this service. Don’t forget that if the planning is in-store this will also rely on you accurately taking all measurements beforehand.

#6 Delivery and Installation Costs

Does the total price include delivery and installation?

Most of our own customers, particularly with bespoke builds, would find it quite daunting to receive all the fittings and then have to install themselves. So it’s worth ensuring you understand whether the cost includes installation and who will be carrying this out.

Just like the materials, the size, complexity of fittings, number of doors will all impact upon an installation cost.

#7 Financing Your Purchase

When making a significant investment in your home, you may choose to pay via finance. While at Millers, we have finance options with 10 months interest-free credit, other suppliers may have set finance rates, adding to your fitted wardrobe cost.

It’s worth checking what options and APR % are being offered and if there is any difference depending on the total amount you are spending.

Don’t forget to check payment terms too. While some may request full payment up front, a reputable supplier should stage payments along with the work that’s completed.

Typically at Millers, our payments are as follows:

  • 25% of payment is required to confirm the order
  • 50% of payment is due once the frame & internals are complete
  • 25% of payment is due once the doors are in position and install fully complete

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Final Thoughts

It can be extremely frustrating when trying to get a feel for a cost to hear “it depends”. While the reality is that all of these factors impact on final costs, and it does ‘depend’.  Typically our own prices tend to start from £1,500 upwards (timber and doors would typically account for 75% of the cost around this price range with labour at 25%).

While it can be tempting to try and keep costs low when working through each of these decisions in designing your wardrobe, it’s worth remembering both the longevity and impact to your own daily life of having a solution that truly works for you. And of course, the value that it will add to your home.

If you do want to keep things simple, choose a business that will manage the design to install process end to end and guide you through all of the options to suit both your budget and lifestyle.

This alone will provide you with the assurance that when making an investment you will avoid costly mistakes, and stress, along the way.

Do You Have More Questions About Buying a Fitted Wardrobe?

Our handy ebook covering everything you need to know about buying a fitted wardrobe from Millers can be accessed here. Dive in and if you are ready to chat with the team, then do get in touch.

Over to You:

Have you been quoted for a fitted wardrobe? Have you found quotes substantially different between different suppliers and have you been unable to understand why?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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